August 2016

2 expensive radar detectors that are worth the money

A radar detector is an essential device that you need to have in your car. There is no doubt that having a good radar detector installed in your vehicle allows you to drive your car without any worry. But have you wondered what type of radar detectors you should buy?

Should you go for an expensive model or a cheap model? It is difficult to answer this question. It completely depends upon your requirement and of course the budget in your hand. If you are ready to spend more than $600, you can get very good radar detectors with excellent features. At the same time, if you like to go for a less expensive model, you can get radar detector for as less as $50.

When I decided to buy a radar detector, I had my intentions clear. I was ready to spend more because I needed a good radar detector with a lot of features that would help me to drive freely and safely. Therefore, I searched for high-end models and came up with 2 options. They are discussed below.

Escort Max 360

Max 360 is the best radar detector that is currently available in the market. The radar detector will cost you a whopping $650 but oh boy, the features and performance of the radar detector are just mind boggling. And what’s more, the company is ready to pay your speeding ticket fee if you get one using this radar. This proves the confidence the manufacturers have in their product.


The biggest advantage of Escort Max 360 is that it provides a 360 degree protection for your vehicle. It has excellent features for daily commutes with GPS system and integrates with your iPhone. Anyone can easily set up the Escort Max 360 making it worthy enough for the money spent.

Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One is another super hot model with excellent features. It’s featured in many radar detector reviews lately especially because it comes with two sensor antennas, one in the front and one at the back. It has the capability to sense more radar and laser signals. Valentine One can detect all 820-950 nanometer traffic lasers without any difficulty making it one of the top choices of drivers all around the world. If you are ready to spend an additional $50, you can easily connect the radar detector to your iPhone or Android Smartphone. The main advantage of the Valentine One radar detector is that the company is always giving updates to the product making various improvements to the performance of the system. Valentine One will cost you around $480.


Both the models are excellent and deliver great performance. I recommend you to check on these models before you buy your next radar detector.