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Miley Cyrus "Ruining Parents Marriage"

TEEN pop sensation Miley Cyrus has been accused of ruining her parents' marriage because she takes up all of her dad's time, and the family is "fed up"! Billy Cyrus and Miley Cyrus have been accused of escaping from the house, while wife Tish and four kids are stuck at home, reports the National ... Read on »

Added August 14, 2009 � 110 comments

Microsoft Word Banned: No More Homework?

IN A SOMEWHAT bazaar move by an American District Court judge, Microsoft has been ordered to stop selling its Microsoft Word software, a word processing software that is one of the main components of its Microsoft Office Word 2003, 2007, and upcoming Word 2010. As a result, Microsoft Office is to ... Read on »

Added August 12, 2009 � 3 comments

Miley Cyrus Stalker Released From Jail

SUPER Psycho Mark McLeod, 53, was arrested last month for stalking Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, outside of Savannah, Georgia. A resident of Appling, Georgia, McLeod was apprehended in Tybee Island, outside the set of Miley's new movie The Last Song, after he told police he was engaged to the ... Read on »

Added July 29, 2009 � 9 comments

The New Miley Cyrus Clothing Line

MILEY Ray Cyrus, the 16 year old Hilary Duff replacement is teaming up with a top designer to launch her own fashion range. Fashion guru Max Azria will collaborate with Miley Cyrus for her own clothing range, which wil be exclusively stocked at Wal-Mart stores across America from ... Read on »

Added June 4, 2009 � 42 comments

Zac Efron: Good Bye Hollywood!

HIGH School Musical teen pop sensation Zac Efron has officially walked away from Hollywood! Efron's meteoric rise to stardom through High School Musical has apparently left him craving some time away from the limelight. The star was catapulted into deep-end Hollywood when he landed the role of Troy ... Read on »

Added June 2, 2009 � 6 comments

YouTube Swamped By Hannah/Miley and Jo'Bro Porn

YOUTUBE has been swamped by an abudance of pornography. A large group of users uploaded seemingly innocent clips, with many kid-friendly tags, such as "Jonas Brothers" and "Hannah Montana". This clips, while possessing 30 seconds or so of normal content at the beginning, contained predominantly ... Read on »

Added May 31, 2009 � 410 comments

Miley Cyrus Defends Overweight Claims

MILEY Cyrus has blasted critics of her weight on her Twitter, branding them as "hateful bullies". Pictures of the Hannah Montana star looking a bit, well... "fat"... in a bikini, on a holiday in the Bahamas, have attracted negative remarks when they hit the web earlier this week. She took the ... Read on »

Added May 29, 2009 � 138 comments

Kim Kardashian's Boutique Vandalized

A FLORIDA boutique owned by reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney has been targetted by vandals. Along with mom and step-dad, the family was about to open a South Florida fashion store "Dash" next Wednesday. However, the Miami Beach botique has been defaced in a graffiti ... Read on »

Added May 27, 2009 � 2 comments

Legendary Pictures to enter into game development

VIDEO games based on Hollywood blockbusters have long been the pet hate of the industry, but it seems that things are about to change if today's reports are anything to go by. According to Variety, Legendary Pictures are said to be keen on developing video games based on existing films, including ... Read on »

Added May 25, 2009 � 137 comments

Specifications of new iPhone to launch on July 17?

THERE are rumors flying around of the specifications of the new iPhone which is to launch on July 17. Wired is reporting that a source "closely connected" to Apple Corporation is giving out details about a suspected upcoming revision to the iPhone. Among these details is a launch date of July 17 (a ... Read on »

Added May 23, 2009 � 3 comments

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Nov 24: Lindsay Lohan smashes random non-paparazzi snapper

Nov 17: Jordin Sparks supports purity rings

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