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Michael Jackson Has Skin Cancer

WHACKO Jacko is reported to be battling with "skin cancer", the UK Telegraph reports, on his upper body and pre-cancerous cells on his face. "I cannot comment on this issue," a spokesperson for his publicist Dita Miller was reported saying. "I am afraid there is nothing more to add at this time." ... Read on »

Added May 1, 2009 � 7 comments

Britney Spears' Fee-Spending Spree

YOU don't need to be an Accountant to work out that Britney Spears is a big fee-spender. All you need to do assess the annual expenditure is to note that she's shelled out more than $3 million legal fees between February 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008; including the $625,000 she was ordered to hand ... Read on »

Added April 29, 2009 � 1 comments

Selena Gomez Doesn't Want To Marry Pop Stars

PURITY-RING wearer Selena Gomez has scorned reports she's dating Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, insisting that she's sworn not to date other stars. The rumors were sparked last month when they were spotted laughing and playing around together in Vancouver, Canada. Gomez has also insisted her brief ... Read on »

Added April 27, 2009 � 8 comments

Lindsay Lohan: From Party-Girl To Funny-Girl

MISS Lohan will be leaving her teenage party lifestyle behind and head back to acting, landing a lead role in a brand new comedy movie. The 22-year-old received good reviews for her performance in Mean Girls (2004), but has since panned critics. Furthermore, she was reprimanded by the executive ... Read on »

Added April 25, 2009 � 279 comments

Ashley Olsen Quits Acting to Help Fashion Line

HALF of the Olsen Twins, Ashley Olsen, is abandoning her career as an actress, because she wants to pursue her dream of fashion designing full-time. The 22 year old, who grew up in the spotlight alongside twin sister Mary-Kate, starring in sitcom Full House at age nine months, will take over the ... Read on »

Added April 23, 2009 � 2 comments

50 Cent Cleared Of Blowing Up His Own Home

FORMER gangster and hip-hop artist 50 Cent has been cleared by NYPD of any allegation he was involved in the fire that blew up his Long Island home. In the "In Da Club" hitmaker's mansion, whilst ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins and their 11-year-old son Marquise was home, the fire caught on ... Read on »

Added April 21, 2009 � 2 comments

Kevin Federline To Re-Unite With Britney Spears?

EX-HUSBAND of Britney Spears, Kevin Federline has no issue with the pair�s two young sons going with Spears on her Circus tour, because he is �rooting for her all the way�. In a show of cooperation, Federline told media he was with Spears the entire way, as she heads to London in June to continue ... Read on »

Added April 19, 2009 � 1 comments

Even Robbers Found Lindsay Lohan's House Too Messy

POLICE officers who investigated an attempted burglary at Lindsay Lohan's Hollywood mansion said they were stunned the would-be thieves did not make it into the property, because the house was so messy. The LAPD was called into the Mean Girls actress' Hollywood Hills home on Tuesday afternoon after ... Read on »

Added April 17, 2009 � 3 comments

Paris Hilton is the new Corey Worthington

PARIS Hilton has been of LAPD interest after her neighbors' cars were vandalized following a party at the Hilton Hotel heiress' Hollywood home on Monday night. According to, Hilton threw a loud party into the early hours of Tuesday, with neighbors complaining to police of noise, which ... Read on »

Added April 15, 2009 � 2012 comments

Google UK Street View: Welcome To Britain

THE UK version of Google's street view has created an absolute media circus. The service, which allows users to browse through popular cities with a set of high quality photos, has created controversy and huge media interest as many fear privacy implications of such a service. Already, Google has ... Read on »

Added April 13, 2009 � 5 comments

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