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So Hollywood stars sometimes go through their "shame", but send us your (or your friend's *winks* Stinkin' Shame Files!)


Send it all into shame@miley5.net with your name and age and we'll include it. No location needed!


Shame Files

Top Shames

My most shameful moment was when I was sittin' in class and let off a ripper. The fart echoed right through the class and stunk so much taht no-one sat near me at lunch. My face was RED!! (Samuel, 10)


I was at a birthday party and my friends dared me to walk around the street with no clothes on and I said, "NO WAY!!" So the next day at swimming my friend pulled my swimmers off! I was blushing and crying at the same time 'cos my whole class was there and saw. How embarassing is that?! (Tommy, 11)


I went shopping with my mom and she said, "stay here for a minute." THen she came back and I hugged her and said, "I love you, mom!! Can I get an ice-cream?" She said, "who are you?" 'cos it was some stranger - not my mom! I was so embarssed!! (Daniella, 9)


My friend dared me to run into the boys' toilets so I did. They smelt disgusting, but the worst thing was that some boys in there saw me and told EVERYONE that I'd been hangin' in the boys' loos. Now everyone thinks I"m weird!!! (Sophie, 9)

Celeb Shame

"Once I bleached my cricket whites the night before a game to get the dirt out. When I ran in to bowl, my pants split because I'd used too much bleach and worn out the fabric. Whoops!" (Brett Lee)



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